Direct Mail Advertising Is Inherently Risky Essay

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Direct mail advertising is inherently risky, and, of itself, rarely guarantees success. If executed poorly, recipients are likely to regard it as spam and quickly dispose of it, thus being a waste of money, time, resources, and, potentially, reputation (Suttle, 2015). In fact, 44% of direct mail recipients throw the mail away immediately, without opening it (Suttle, 2015). Nevertheless, when complementing the right campaign, and when utilised correctly, direct mail is an invaluable asset. As with all successful advertising, a strong, clear, and persuasive message, and intimate knowledge of your target audience is critical.
Unfortunately, for too long, the American tobacco industry have been aware of this, and have run direct mail campaigns that encourage smoking, particularly targeting younger demographics. Empirical studies have consistently proven that these campaigns are effective. Unquestionably, this is an issue that needs to be addressed and rectified, and the best way to achieve this is by combatting it openly. Consequently, we will run a direct mail campaign that warns of the dangers of smoking and the tobacco industry, aiming to nullify, and hopefully eradicate, their influence.
As the central focus of this campaign will be to counteract the negative consequences of direct mail tobacco advertising, it is imperative to first understand precisely what these consequences are. Although demographics most likely to be influenced by direct mail tobacco advertising are…

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