Persuasive Essay On Prescription Drug Advertising

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Prescription drug advertising is now a part of America’s ever growing consumerist economy. The United States is one of the two countries that actually permit prescription drug advertising to their citizens. The reasoning behind this is so that people can be aware of what is out there and how it can ultimately accommodate them; helping rid themselves of any unnecessary baggage such us anxiety, allergies and deppression. Although many pharmaceutical representatives would argue that their aspiration is to find a cure for such things, they find that deceit is the governing tactic. It is this very distortion of truth that would point to the reason why they have created so many prescribed medications that misinform so many consumers. It is through …show more content…
There are many ways this tactic is exercised. “Look and feel great”, this is just one of the many promises that are shown in prescription drug commercials, these luring accusations are made to entice viewers into thinking that their medication will help them take control of their lives. Whenever watching a drug advertisement, it is clearly stated that there are many precautions to take before actually ingesting these medications and even more conscientious measures after. But how many of them are followed through with? It seems as if the harm outweighs the actual benefits during these advertisements. The use of language is dramatically changed whenever it comes to explaining side effects since actual medical terms are used, but then again, who can actually understand this medical terminology other than those who are educated in the medical industry. It is no surprise that people are not fully educated in this medical terminology, but instead rely on the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA can be an acquaintance to this manipulation since they strive to “Protect and Promote Your Health.” Consumers will disregard their health because they put they trust in higher positions such as doctors who agreeably sign prescriptions for

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