Persuasive Essay On Infomercials

Infomercials have become an increasingly intrusive part of life. A person cannot sit down in front of a television, radio, or computer without seeing some type of an ad convincing them to buy things. For some people, it feels violating the way that unwanted ideas and products are shoved down their throats each time they want to watch a program, especially since they have no control over what infomercials that they get to see. Media stations claim that they must present the infomercials to be able to afford to play everyone 's favorite shows, but this doesn 't seem likely. In all actuality, these commercials make them millions of dollars annually. One of the main products that get pushed onto viewers is a steady stream of diet ads. A barrage of pills, exercise equipment, and supplements are paraded on the screen. Each of them promises to deliver fast and easy weight loss with little effort. But while most health experts agree that safe and lasting …show more content…
Even though they might want to lose weight very badly, it is very difficult for them. So when they see infomercials for a product that claims it can give them energy and make them lose weight very quickly, they will try it. In fact, most obese people try every weight loss product that they hear about because they are so desperate to look and feel better. However, morbid obesity goes hand-in-hand with health problems that can be made worse from the diet products. The diet supplements often contain stimulants that speed up the thyroid and heart, but they also increase their blood pressure, restrict their arteries, and damage the endocrine system. And the exercise equipment isn 't possible for them to use because a person who has been obese for a long time usually has damaged joints and constant pain when they move. It is better for them to eat a healthy diet and walk as much as they can each

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