Direct Drivers Of Suicide For Gary Essay

1271 Words May 28th, 2016 null Page
Direct drivers of suicide for Gary include the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which are impacting his desire to act upon thoughts of suicide. Thoughts which are direct drivers for Gary include: thoughts of suicide occurring approximately four times a day; the thought that nothing is getting better; thinking of suicide the only option; the thought that suicide is always an option; thoughts of being a burden other others; and thoughts that nobody would miss him. Feelings which are acting as direct drivers include feelings of: hopelessness, perceived burdensomeness, being alone, being overwhelmed, and being unable to imagine feeling any other way. Along with thoughts and feelings, behaviors can also be a direct driver for suicide. Gary has a history of suicide attempt and suicide thoughts which spans back 1989, when he attempted to electrocute himself. His most recent attempts include taking sleeping pills and alcohol together, approximately two weeks ago. His behavior of taking pills and alcohol is a direct driver and also acts as a means of practicing. Another behavior which could be a direct driver stems from thoughts of being alone. Since Gary is not feeling connectedness with others, he may not reach out and attempt to connect with others. The act of not reaching out in the moment of crisis can act as a direct driver. Indirect drivers of suicide for Gary stem from current life circumstances. Gary is currently unemployed and has been for a while. With no job, Gary is…

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