Assisted Suicide Dialogue

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This dialogue is between two friends and fellow students. Victor’s religious views are against the idea of physician assisted suicide; whereas Dawn supports the idea of having the option. Victor presents many moral opinions that Dawn opposes in favor of her own views.

Victor: Dawn, have you been informed that California has legalized physician-assisted suicide2? It is absurd!
Dawn: Actually, I am aware, and I am proud to be in the fifth state to legalize physician-assisted suicide3. It is about time, hopefully more states will soon follow.
Victor: How can you say that? You must understand the immoralities-
Dawn: It seems quiet rudimentary and straightforward to me. How can relieving someone from suffering further in any way seem immoral?
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Victor: I think I read somewhere that “human life is not something we have; rather, one’s life is identical with one’s concrete reality, that is, identical with oneself. So, a choice to kill a human being, even for a good end, such as to prevent suffering, is contrary to the love and appreciation for the person themselves”4. Assisted suicide makes it much too easy for anyone in pain to simply end their life.
Dawn: Actually the process is not so simple as you would think. Laws require that a physician diagnose a terminally ill patient as having a life expectancy of six months or less and a second doctor then must concur with the diagnosis6. Patients must request the lethal prescription twice verbally and once in written form with a waiting period of at least two weeks between the first and last request6. Lastly the doctor who writes the prescription must believe the patient is mentally competent to make the decision6. The law also requires that patients be able to take the pills on their own6.
Victor: Even if the patient takes the pills on their own, the physician who supplied the drug are still at fault, and can be accused of

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