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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Digital marketing is dependent mostly on technology that is evolving and rapidly changing and thus similar features are to be projected from digital marketing strategies and developments. The swift evolution of digital media has brought innovative changes and opportunities for marketing. Fueled via an increase in devices to read digital media, it has resulted in the simultaneous growth of digital marketing. With the rapid growth of possession of tablet devices and smart phones, today's consumer desires to be able to explore, buy, and control their monetary services on demand with their device(s) and in nearly any locality.
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The vast majority of the residents are a customer of the banks. The crisis in retail banking has prompted the entire industry to find profound solutions to reduce work log in their services. Long queues, wastage of time and inconsistency in services just to mention, but a few are the major problems facing the retail-banking sector. However, with increasing technology innovations, the retail banking has greatly improved over the last few years. Many analysts contend that to store and manage clients’ data well, money institutions ought to reduce both human and impeding silos by assimilating data, systems and methods across diverse product lines. Advancing to a service-oriented architecture (SOA), information will be shared mutually in real-time on all the banks touch points, permitting the bank to offer more custom-made service based on a comprehensive customer profile. Banks also need to identify with the current customer monetary product problems, reduce current silos and develop a point project to solve, test and measure the results. At a time when everything around us seems to become more complicated, consumers are seeking out

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