Digital Marketing - Booking.Com Essay

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Group Project

1. Background
One of the best features of internet booking is to ease people on travel plan research, Percent of travelers who find user reviews important is 81%. The online booking revenue has grown more than 73% last five years. Hotel reservation is the most popular transaction activity as 39% for internet travel users, compare to air ticketing, package tour, and corporate travel (see exhibit 1). (Part of is one of the top visited travel sites by traffic blooming in Asia, and its available in 41 languages for different online users, offers over 260,565 places to stay in 178 countries. The website attracts over 30 million unique visitors each month from both
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Marketing segmentation on different age’s of consumers, living style, geographical concern and others attributes of consumers should be more distinguish.
New digital marketing approach for the segment attention, such as social media marketing through Facebook campaign, Pinterest, and micro-film have to increase to activeness by The web searchers visit the website and finally make a transaction is the key issue for to watch out and foster itself. Otherwise, there would be more OTA competitors to join in and share the market pie.

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