Digital Manipulation Of Women 's Images Essay

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INTRODUCTION In Western societies, girls as young as three years old begin to internalize the ideals of the desired body size and shape (Dittmar et al. 2006; Perloff 2014). Research indicates that 40% of nine and ten year old girls were trying to lose weight (Bishop 2001). Women are constantly reminded, even from a young age, on what society perceives to be beautiful and ideal. These perceptions are often times not achievable by most women and the images used by the media are usually digitally manipulated (Bishop 2001; Reaves et al. 2004). These images of women are manipulated to promote a standard of thinness for women in Western society.
Digital manipulation of women’s images causes objectification of the female body in society (Piran 2001; Calogero, Davis and Thompson 2005; Peterson, Grippo, and Tantleff-Dunn 2008). The women most influenced by society, and more prone to develop eating disorders, are subjected to self-objectification, where the body is viewed as merely an object to be evaluated, of their own bodies (Calogero et al 2005; Peterson et al. 2008). Manipulated images of women’s bodies are seen in all types of media, but primarily in women’s magazines (Thompson and Heinberg 1999; Reaves et al. 2004; Lokken, Worthy, and Trautmann 2004). When a discrepancy between model’s bodies and average women’s bodies are detected and there are unrealistic weight expectations there is a higher likelihood of disordered eating (Bishop 2001; Reaves et al. 2004; Polivy and…

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