Digestive Systems : The Digestive System Essay

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The digestive system started working even before we start to eat and the digestive system will be busy when we chew that food for the next few hours or days depending on what we eat. Digestion is the process that allows the body to get the nutrients and energy from the food.
The digestion begins even when we catch a smell of a tasty food. In the beginning, saliva begins to form in the mouth. When there is food, the saliva breaks down the chemicals in the food and moistens the food and make it easy to swallow. The tongue is also involved by pushing the food around while chewing, and when the food is ready to be swallowed, the tongue pushes the bolus of food against the hard palate and enter the opening of the esophagus, the second part of the digestive tract.
The esophagus is a stretching-like pipe that is about 10 inches long. It moves food from the back of the throat to the stomach. The epiglottis flaps down over the opening of the windpipe or trachea to make sure the food enter the esophagus and not the windpipe. If the food is eaten too fast, the person will start coughing which is the result of food going down the wrong way because the epiglottis doesn’t have enough time to flap down and coughing is an involuntary action to clear the windpipe. Once food has enter the esophagus, it doesn’t go right to the stomach. Instead, muscles of the wall in the esophagus start to slowly squeeze the food through the esophagus. This process takes 2 to 3 seconds.
The stomach has three…

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