Essay on Diffusion And Diffusion Of Diffusion

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Particles can move. One type of movement is diffusion. Diffusion is when particles move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. The particles can move throughout a liquid, an area , or through a semipermeable membrane. Diffusion can be facilitated or non facilitated. When no other factors are involved in diffusion the particles are moving down their concentration gradient so that the amount of particles can be evenly distributed. if proteins or helpers are involved the particles can move up their concentration gradient , making the concentration unequal. So, if i spray air freshener at one side of a room the particles will be excited and want to evenly distribute themselves throughout the room. So the particles of air freshener will spread around the room until the concentration is equal throughout the room.
Another form of movement is osmosis. osmosis is when water diffuses across a semipermeable membrane. Osmosis happens in order to balance the concentration of solutions on either side of the membrane. An example of osmosis can be observed by placing a red blood cell into a solution. if the concentration of the solution the red blood cell is placed into has a higher concentration the water from the inside of the cell will move out. The water moves out of the cell in order to dilute the solution making it less concentrated.

In this experiment ,my group members and I used 0.04 M of a starch solution, Dialysis tubing ,…

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