Differentiation Instruction And Assessment, Or As Educators Call It Differentiation

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Differentiation Instruction and assessment, or as educators call it differentiation, is a framework which provides effective teaching that aids in ensuring that students receive unique learning experiences. The objective of this process is that all students will learn, but that there are many avenues to learning. Specifically, in terms of acquiring knowledge and processing content, students vary in abilities. These differences in abilities are met through differentiation by modeling to the student 's learning and diversity, which allows for the teacher to assess and provide effective teaching experiences for all the students to learn. Additionally, students more on race, religion, personal interests, confidence, socioeconomic status, gender, ability, disability, etc. and teachers risk being ineffective if these factors are not considered the planning of their curriculum. When teachers know their students on a diverse and personal level, they know their needs in relation to their abilities. This knowledge allows for teachers to provide, and students to meet, unique expectations based on their own learning profile, ensuring a classroom where all students can be successful. Developed formally and made popular in recent years by Tomlison, differentiation has been around for its effectiveness. The issue is that (without differentiation) teaching and assessing students as if they were all equal, creates a learning gap brought by the lack of accommodation provided.…

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