Differentiated Learning Essay

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Literature Review of Differentiated Learning
Every student is different. Not all students learn the same way, and not all are in the same place academically. So why should we teach every student the same way? What is differentiated instruction? Differentiated instruction is where classroom teachers make multiple attempts to meet the needs of students where they are in the learning process and move them along quickly and as far as possible in the content. It promotes a high level and powerful curriculum for all students but will varies from level of teacher support, task complexity, pacing and based on student readiness, interest (Tomlinson, 2000). Teachers need to be flexible in order to be effective at differentiated instruction. They also
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Just like differentiated instruction meets the needs of the student where they are learning styles is how that students learns best. According to Subban being able to identify a student’s learning style and teach to accommodate these can assist students to achieve better results academically and improve their attitudes toward learning. Students performances and attitudes were significantly better when they were instructed through learning style approaches rather than traditional teaching methods (Subban, 2006). According to Levy teachers should be using the differentiated instruction model, grouping should be based on different criteria regarding the needs of students and the short term goals of the teacher in an effort to meet the desired standard. The groups students should place into is based on their needs, learning styles, interests and heterogeneously. Grouping students by needs is when a teacher as taught a lesson and placed students into small groups based on the need of further instruction, these groups change each time the teacher assess the students. Grouping for learning styles is grouping the students based on how they learn either auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and verbal learners. Grouping for student’s interests is where students of all levels can work together and support each other on a specific interest to the students. Grouping by heterogeneously is teaching that meet the needs of all the students in the classroom at the same time also known as whole class lessons (Levy, 2008). Personally I believe in teaching according to how students learn and Subban and Levy do a great job at how to teach by learning styles all while still using differentiation

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