Differential Parenting : A Research Report Essay

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Differential Parenting

A Research Report by Renee Nelson

April 22 2015
Mrs Brubacher


Parents sometimes act differently towards one child over the other, for example being positive with one child and acting cold to the other. This is called differential parenting which is also known as favouritism. Favouritism is when you are treating one person in a positive manor and the other in a negative manor. Differential parenting is not uncommon in families. In most cases parents and other people do not see or will not accept that it happens. In most cases parents do choose to favour a child over the other. This could happen because of behavioural problems in one child while the other child is not acting out causing the parents to gravitate towards the child that is behaving well.

Parents need to accept that they are favouring one child over the other. They need to change and fix it because it can cause serious challenges in the family. Not just one child is being affected, differential parenting causes problems in the family as a whole not just for the child that is getting the negative parenting. There are many reasons why parents choose to favour a child over the other child. These reasons include things such as behavioural problems or having parents connect with the child through things that they see in themselves. Differential parenting can cause long term effects that the child can carry with them into adulthood.…

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