Different Types Of Parenting Styles Essay example

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A parent has one of the most significant impacts on a child’s progression throughout their early childhood. Regardless of how parents intend to raise their children, their influence will ultimately have a long lasting impact on the child’s development. Socioemotional development is defined as a development of personality through the process of experiencing and resolving situations. Children express and experience emotions before they fully understand what they are. This allows children to learn how to comprehend and express what they are feeling. There are four different types of parenting styles. Each can have a dramatic effect on a child’s development, the first being authoritarian parenting. These parents expect their children to obey and respect their orders without question. Oftentimes authoritarian parents use the method of punishment, in order to control their children. Children who grow up with an authoritarian parent may develop self-esteem issues, as well as hostile or aggressive behavior. Another parenting style is authoritative parenting. These parents encourage their children to be responsible ensuring them to be able to think for themselves in the future. Authoritative parents communicate effectively with their children, regarding rules and consequences. They may also use positive reinforcement to praise their child’s good behavior. Children raised authoritatively tend to be happy and successful. Permissive parenting is another parenting style. These parents do…

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