Essay about Different Types Of Housing Styles

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Many high school grads are face with many struggles leaving high school. Like where to go college, how will they pay for school, and where to live while there. Most college offer two options to live on campus or off of campus. Some universities have many different types of housing styles. The housing styles range from normal two person dorms to off campus houses. The price of housing can depending on where the students decides to live. When choosing housing students need to look at how college dorms work, how living off campus can be different, and the advantages that the two share. Living on campus can be a lot different than living off campus. Let’s start with the different options for basic dorms rooms. Students can live in a resident hall where they might be two people to a room and they all share a common shower and restroom area. Another option is two people to a room and they share a bathroom with the two people that live next them. Some schools even offer rooms were the two people to the room will have a private bathroom. Even though students’ parents aren’t there to tell them what to do there is still a set of people there to keep them on somewhat of a track to living clean while in a dorm called Resident Assistants or RAs. RAs are there to enforce the rules of the dormitory. Living on campus at most colleges and universities come with some form of rules. These rules may differ from each school. Some of the rules for on campus housing at Kilgore College are:…

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