Different Types Of Families And It Challenges Essay example

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The various types of families and it challenges while trying to develop within society Understanding diversity is a process that begins at a personal level with personal experiences. Before examine the different types of families in today’s society it is empirical to first understand that everyone has a unique worldview, perceptions, and presumptions. One needs to take an authentic look at his/her own family experience, to better understand family diversity and become amenable to others’ point of views. There are different types of families, the differences with them are influenced by where the people live, where they come from, socioeconomic backgrounds and status, level of education, religion, and individual lived experienced. Overtime family’s structure has being changing and facing many outrage challenges to obtain acceptance within society.
The article “ Marriage and Family In A Multiracial Society” states The U.S Census Bureau definition of households and families in a particular and some how discriminated way. The debates over the proper form of family life ever since the rise of women’s movement and the civil right revolution of 1960 are also an offended in my personal point of view. While reading the information provided in those sources I compared my family with the “American” family standard definition and I realized that people from different cultures need to rethink their assumptions and consider a better way to describe family by…

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