Essay on Different Forms Of Cancer Treatment

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There are many forms of cancer treatment. One of the most common treatment types is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy was previously defined as the use of chemicals, either intravenously or in pill form, to kill cancer cells. Radiation, also mentioned before, is a common treatment. Through the study of a little boy’s experience with radiation, positives and negatives of this treatment will be drawn. Jonathan Alava was a child who had cancer and underwent a special radiation treatment: proton therapy through the use of a cyclotron (Epstein). If cells are targeted and have their electrons stripped of them, through the process of ionization, the cell loses it’s ability to procreate, due to the enfeebling of its DNA. This can be achieved through the direct channeling of protons. While this treatment works for some, especially children such as Jonathan, others show little response to this form of radioactive treatment, and it can also be an unpleasant experience; patients are required to be anesthetized and strapped down to enhance precision of proton beams, and this precision is what makes this treatment beneficent, therefore, it must be done correctly. There also is not significant research suggesting this form of radiation works more efficiently than those of lesser cost (Epstein).
Another treatment now on the rise is personalized medicine. This is a treatment specific to the patient: it’s all based off of the genome. Twelve years ago, the human genome sequence was published. Then,…

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