Essay on Different Definitions Of Family Life

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Many people have different definitions of family depending on who raised them and some people define family as the people who are there for them still to this day. My definitions is a little bit of both. I define family not by the ones you love but by the ones who love you back and will always support you. It does not have to be someone who has been there since you were born, it can be someone who you met less than a year ago and became close with and have a bond with him or her. I was not one of the people who were born into a two-parent household with money and nice things but that is okay because my family would not be the same as it is today. My mother had me when she was sixteen years old and my father was not cut out to be a father. By the time I was two years old, I had already been moved from house to house for all kinds of reasons until my adopted dad came into the picture and saved us allowing my mother and I have a family. For the first time in my short childhood that I had a house to call home. Around four years later, my little brother came into this world and was the little brother I never wanted but at the same time, wanted. He was the final piece to our family puzzle or what I thought you be the final piece. We moved into a bigger house and started a new and better school. We all got comfortable and relax then stuff started to go downhill and downhill quickly, it started with my mom’s mom pasting away in a tragic car accident then it was like the house was…

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