Different Cultural in Kfc Essay

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This report is aimed to survey the different cultures which can lead to the problems within the organization. We show theories that related to the case study, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Company. We choose KFC branches from UK, Thailand, China, and Japan that will tell each culture from these example countries. The investigation will be shown how the different cultures can make the problem when the company has to do the business in the overseas or do business across cultures. We choose KFC Company as the case study because KFC Company is the worldwide company that has many branches around the world. Therefore, we can research different cultures from KFC’s branches. This report will be consisted of: * literature of cross
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In this part, there will be the theory, Hofstede Dimension Theory, to be relevant with the case. We will show five factors in the theory to analyze in each point. Five factors include: * Power Distance * Uncertainty Avoidance * Individualistic * Masculinity * Long-Term Orientation
These following factors will be shown the problem that can happen from the cultural differences.

Hofstede Dimension

1. Power Distance - High Power Distance: Thailand and China - Medium Power Distance: Japan - Low Power Distance: UK
The Power Distance in Thai culture is quite high. It can be a negative effect to the company because the top management will know the problem quite late. The reason that top management knows the problem lately is the lack of efficient communication and good cooperation. There will be many processes for the interact communication between each department that can lead to the problem for the business operating in the aboard. In addition, Power distance in among of Chinese people is pretty high (Fernandez et al., 1997). China is significant high Power Distance ranking of 80. It can be indicated that high level of power and wealth are not equal in the society. The person who is the leader has a plenty of power to order people in their control. This way will block the co-workers who have high skills and abilities to show their

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