Different Aspects Of Life In Rabbit Hole, By David Lindsay-Abaire

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Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire gave an interesting look on different aspects of life. Abaire does an excellent job through out the story with the way he develops the conflict of the story and the everyday problems that some of the characters deal with. He also contributes some humorous scenes deliberately because for the most part it was a sad play. From the sad moments we also see the growth of the characters as the play progresses. The reader was able to see a young couple mature not only as a couple but also as individuals. Another aspect of the play that was really enjoyable was the fact that the characters are relatable to most people. At least the strong emotions that they portrayed were relatable. What also is important is the …show more content…
Of course depending on the person and his or her sense of humor would find the scenes funny, but that is the author’s intent. Such as an incident that involved Becca, one of the characters and the spouse going through really difficult times in her life and found herself at the supermarket with her mom and she was in an isle with a mother and her little son while they were arguing over a little because the little boy wanted some candy and the mom didn 't not want to buy it for him. After a while the mom starts ignoring her son and that is what upsets Becca and confronts the lady. Not only did she have some not nice things to say but she strikes the woman across the face. Now that seems like a serious situation but the fact that she hit the lady was not the whole funny part. The reason why it was humorous is because it 's ironic. Earlier in the play Becca lectured her sister for getting into a bar fight and basically saying how immature she is and then he goes and strikes someone at a grocery store. But then again who’s to say someone getting strike across the face is not somewhat …show more content…
Throughout the story the reader thinks the cause of the married couples issue is the lack of romance in their marriage. One makes that assumption because they have been married for a while and that usually happens in a marriage. Scott Locklear, writer an article about Rabbit Hole says, “The couple then fights about their lack of intimacy since the accident. Howie suggests individual and couple’s counseling.” (Locklear) When in reality the center of all their problems is the loss of their son in an accident. They were angry and very short tempered. It is impossible to try and imagine how it feels for a parent to loose their child but as people we can see that it is the cause of their problems. No one an blame them for feeling how they were feeling and thought out the play we knew that anytime one of them was mad or upset we knew the cause. Whether it be Howie 's short temper and snapping on people. It was clear he had a lot of anger in him, and the incident where he is face to face with the high school kid that unfortunately took him sons life tried talking to him he simply did not want too. It is understandable why he does not want too and some people feel they would do the same

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