Different Aspects Essay: What Makes An American

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What makes someone an American? Surely we all have a different opinion on this question; with utterly different answers. There are very many attributes that make us American; I choose only a few to discuss why I believe they make us American. Many other attributes may be appointed for different people, but I believe that there are three that are what truly state what makes an American, American. Freedom, patriotism and self-reliance are things that I believe make someone an American. These three things make an average person more than just a person, but an American as well.

First off, freedom is one privilege that we all take for granted and do not appreciate nearly as much as we should. Other countries do not have the same freedoms that
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Reason being that if you are willing to be loyal to your country, then you are truthfully an American. If you are doing what is best for your country by entering a draft like they did back in history; showed that you really cared for the country and would do whatever possible to keep it the way it is. Americans are being patriotic is the reason that the US is where it is today. Without patriotism we would not be able to exercise the second amendment; or even not have amendments at all. Patriotism has shown pride in our country and pride to do whatever possible to keep the country as close to perfection as possible. Certainly, other countries do have the same amount of patriotism as us fellow Americans do. This is most likely because we have a sense of nationalism that other countries do not acquire. With this thought is it clear, to say that patriotism is important too when it comes to being an …show more content…
Since the first Americans, it has been our destiny to obtain sovereignty and liberty. The colonists left the European countries and settled in the new world purely for the freedom to practice self-reliance. Having this capability is one of the main things that American citizens should be proud to endure. As Americans, we are content of having our own opinions and the freedom to express our thoughts and ideas. We are judged on our outlook and view; no one can take away our beliefs. This trait and ability is something that Americans should take great pride in. Self-reliance is one of many attributes that make us

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