Compare And Contrast The Book And Movie The Help

“There’s nothing healthy about segregation” a quote from Michael Gargano. This statement is relevant to the book and movie “The Help” because during the 1960’s, when people were segregated by race, people thought it was normal to be separated. For example a character in the book and movie, Aibileen, a black maid that works hard for Mrs.Leefolt everyday and is mistreated because she is black, but she still keeps an amazing attitude and is great at her job. During the 1960’s many black women,like Aibileen, worked for white families.I have recently read the book and watched the movie “The Help” and there are many similar things from the book to movie, but there are also a few differences, an example of a similarity is the plot stayed the same …show more content…
Another difference is the character traits between the book and movie differ,the book is more descriptive with some character traits than the movie. Also in the scene where Minnie left her husband the movie gave a very good visual of how it all happened. Finally, the last difference is, as you read the book you were able to create whatever picture you wanted in your head, you had your own visual for different scenes in the book which is different from the movie because in the movie actors/actresses played the characters so you no longer had a mental picture of what was happening it was just whatever the actor/actress looked like and what they did.
Although there are some differences there are many similarities between the book and the movie,”The Help”. One similarity is the climax of both the movie and the book, when the book was being published and Minny,Skeeter, and Aibileen anxiously wait for the community’s reaction.Another similarity is how black maids work for white families in both the book and movie. Also in the book and movie the black maids were not allowed to use the same bathroom as the white families because white people didn’t want to use the same restroom as black
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There is something I didn’t talk about yet and that is, the conflict and resolution in the book and movie, it stayed the same, Aibileen and Minny are two mistreated black women that are getting tired of the way white people talk to them and then they meet Skeeter and they work very hard to publish a book, which eventually does get published and the community took a little while, but they realized how awful the ladies had been treated, there were also a few funny stories in the published book that the public seemed to enjoy,black women finally had a voice. So overall, between the book and movie “The Help” there are more similarities than differences and even though the book and movie differ a little the same message is received by the reader and viewer, segregation isn’t

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