Epicurean Way Of Life Essay

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The truth will be told
There were two different ways of viewing life being an Epicurean and Stoic. The Epicurean way of life was more superior to Stoics because it allowed you to enjoy life more versus not enjoying life as much being a Stoic, it was more of a demanding life that can take a toll on you if you are not use to their way of life. Being an epicurean is what makes people think about what happiness is. Epicurean has three main ways of gaining happiness; one is being able to be around friends. To epicurean friendship seem to be where humans were happier than being in a relationship. In relationships, there is a lot of misunderstanding, dishonesty, and bitterness. “In relationships, there is a lot of misunderstanding, dishonesty, and bitterness” (Epicurus). Epicurus thinks in friendships, problems dealing with unloyalty is less common. The second way how
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And being a Stoic, you must prepare yourself for substandard times, and I wouldn't want to prepare myself for bad times. But other people might say that they rather prepare for the worse so you want to be shocked when something horrible happens. That is true but who really wants to think about the worst case of scenario. Preparing yourself for bad times can be miserable and depressing. The way of life living as an Epicurean you can gain the real access of what things makes you happy and what things that don't really make you happy. Epicurus is what makes you happy and not what society expects you to have to make you satisfied. To Epicurean If you are not spreading your wealth, to make a difference in people lives than money doesn't really mean anything. As an Epicurean, you learn that materialistic things like money don't really mean anything. I would rather try to make a difference with my luxury rather than just spending it and don't make a difference in people’s

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