Gender Socialization Themes

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Under the Introduction heading, you write a longer paragraph in which you introduce your topic (gender socialization) and themes. You also provide some initial evidence (This may be general statements that do not come from your sources, or it may be specific information that does come from your sources or journal.). Finally, you state your thesis (See me if you do not know what a thesis is.).
As a term gender socialization is the journey through life a person takes, absorbing societal expectations and attitudes associated with gender. These gender roles that are observed and assimilated are not always fair or even healthy to the psyche of each sex. Contrary to the belief that men and woman are polar opposites from birth, it is actually differences in gender socialization that make an impact. Masculinity, LBGTQ as other, and rape culture will be examined and fall within the realm of gender socialization. Masculinity as a concept is attributed to gender roles and behaviors
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Many boys are discouraged from developing these skills, therefore lacking the ability put a name to emotions, recognize expressions, and understand situations (Kindlon & Thompson, 2000). This is also connected to Kindlon & Thompson’s (2000) concept of the culture of cruelty in which boys are seen as weak for expressing emotion. Men often feel that “walking away from tormenters is a sign of weakness, and the lasting feeling of cowardice is a greater punishment than any blow” (Kindlon & Thompson, 2000, pg. 79). It can also be observed in a person’s everyday life that father figures and mother figures do approach conflict resolution quite differently, depending on the gender of their children. This only continues to prevent boys and men from communicating effectively when it comes to feelings, and proves parents can impact change in this culture in the

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