Differences Between The Ottoman And Mughal Empires

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As turkish empires the Ottoman and Mughal Empires share many political beliefs and ideals. Arguably the best way compare and contrast the ideals and beliefs of the empires is to look at policies they enact. To help understand the political ideals and beliefs two specific policies of the Ottoman and Mughal which similar in during their conception evolved throughout the reign of the empires. It should be noted that both empires faced different threats and obstacles, and how they handled such problems is shown policy as well as the ideals of the leaders.
Religious policy
The Ottoman’s treated the non-muslim religious with relative respect through the millet system which allowed religions to govern over themselves with limited autonomy
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However the differences in the Empire led to policy which showed the political ideals and beliefs of the empires. The muslim empires proved that religious tolerance was the best way to secure a dynasty as the Ottomans lasted for nearly 700 and the Mughals tolerance until the reform of Aurangzeb which arguably lead to the dynasty’s decline. While the ottomans reform of the princely appanages which can be argued ultimately lead to the decline of the …show more content…
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