Essay on Differences Between Science And Religion

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From the beginning of time, scientific and religious beliefs having been battling over their differences. Both beliefs have distinct outlooks on topics, which produces comprehensive arguments between the perspectives. Religious texts, such as Confessions and Genesis, discuss spiritual views on the world. On the other hand, “The Great Expansion” and “In Defense of the Big Bang” pose counterarguments for religious opinions with support from science. Although their supporters cause intense disagreements over their views, these texts are important for looking at the world’s questions in different perspectives. In “Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina,” Galileo uses persuasive techniques to show the possibility for religious texts to agree with science. His letter builds the foundation of enlightenment period and the leeway of religion and science and co-existing. People need to look at all three perspectives in order to realize that science and religion do not have to be a constant battle. While religious and scientific views often contradict each other, both belief systems can reconcile by looking at the similarities in their theories of the universe, truths, and intelligent design.
To begin, there is a wide range of theories that explain how the world’s creation occurred. In order to reconcile scientific and religious views on creation, the differences of the beliefs need to be understood. One theory science heavily supports is The Big Bang Theory. In summary, The Big Bang…

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