Differences between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya Essay examples

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Subject: Differences between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya
Analytical Summary
This report analyses the differences between the leadership of Virgin Group’s Founder Richard Branson and UB Group’s Chairman Vijay Mallya. The two leaders operate in a wide range of industries, and live very public lifestyles, promoting both themselves and their companies through their activities. This is done with a view to determine which leadership style is better suited to the environment they are operating in, and what qualities leaders must possess to be successful. The analysis, covering the background, business ideologies, leadership style and public persona of these leaders, shows Richard Branson is clearly the better leader of the two.
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Mallya, on the other hand, likes to run his businesses by ensuring that he outspends the competition and provides the highest profitability in the long run.
Vijay Mallya also likes to be the market leader in every venture he undertakes, from his liquor business, which currently has 50% of the Indian market, to Kingfisher Airlines, which when operational was the biggest Indian carrier. Richard Branson prefers to constantly be in a “Challenger” position, where he is the one offering a different experience from everyone else in the market. From Virgin Records, to Virgin Atlantic Airlines, to Virgin Books – all marquee Virgin offerings are constant market challengers, and none a true market leader.
Leadership Style
While Branson may be quite flamboyant in public, he is a very sombre personality internally towards the Virgin employees. He leads by example, often being the pioneer who motivates his employees to achieve more, and stays in constant touch with his staff about developments and life at Virgin.
Vijay Mallya, coming from an environment more politically charged and precarious, is a more bombastic leader, who constantly exhorts his employees to achieve more. A case in point is his speech to the Janata Party workers while contesting elections in 2004. The exhortation does not always translate into motivation however, as was evident during the difficult times faced by Kingfisher Airlines, and the staff striking due to

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