Differences Between Prokaryotes And Eukaryotes Essay

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Abstract This experiment was constructed to distinguish the differences with Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes by growing through a variety of media. These media consisted of rich and minimal. Rich media is a media that contains an abundant supply of nutrients for bacteria to grow. Minimal media is a media that contains the minimal amount of nutrients for bacteria to grow. Medias are important because they not only are used in growing microorganisms but are used in the medical field to help with the treatment of viruses. For Prokaryotes growth we oversaw the growth of Vibrio natriegens for 2 hours and collected samples every 10 minutes in order to determine growth through turbidity and viable cell counts. For Eukaryotes growth, we looked at Saccharomyces cerevisiae cultured in YNB (Minimal Media) and YEPD (Rich Media) over a period of time and took aliquot measurements of the growth at time points until the experiment was complete. The results showed that the growth rate in Prokaryotes was much faster than the rate at which the Eukaryotes grew in the Rich and Minimal media. The goal was achieved through this experiment because the growing culture cells allowed us to visually see the growth in in each medium.
A culture medium is a solid or liquid preparation used for the growth, transport, and storage of microorganisms. (Biotechnology, 2016). Mediums are an excellent way to grow bacteria and there are several types of them. They are used for medical purposes to…

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