Essay on Differences Between Pre And Post War Worlds

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An explosion of new ideas and cultures came about from the post World War universe. The world from the 1950s until the present day has been filled with these blossoming ideas, as a response to the shocking and harsh realities brought forth by the devastating World Wars. Despite some rejection of traditional values, these ideas still have roots embedded in philosophies thought up well before the the 1950s. The progression and regression of certain ideas are apparent if one looks at the historical trends linking the two together. Despite the enormous differences between pre and post War worlds, the continuity of budding cultures and economic movements are a direct result of the past five hundred years. Culture and economics are closely tied together and are both affected by the issues present in a certain region. Throughout history, it is known that as the economy of a region improves, so does the spirit of the people. It is during these periods that the most magnificent examples of art and nationalistic pride come through. A strong economy gives a feeling of invincibility and superiority, allowing thoughts and emotions to flourish. In contrast, certain pieces of art reflect periods of economic instability and worry. Both aspects have been present throughout the last centuries, usually closer to the times of the World Wars. Nationalism is the quintessence of culture during a state of economic strength. It is an art deriving from supercilious emotions, used to rile up the…

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