Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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John Gray suggests that men and women are different in coping: men withdraw and women become emotional and need to talk. Empirical research generally does not support this claim. Two studies Hamilton and Fagot (1988) and Porter et al. (2000) found few significant gender differences in types and frequency of stressors as well as coping strategies.
Hamilton and Fagot (1988) studied and analyzed 51 female and 39 male undergraduate students. They measured stressor of two different types: gender neutral and female-specific. Stressors that were gender neutral included classes, sleep, money food, roommates and romantic relationships. Stressors that were female specific included as appearance, weight, being kept waiting, and punctuality. The researchers made three telephone calls a week, for 8 weeks to the participants. They measured the mean frequency of events, mean stress rating and mean type of coping behaviors. Hamilton and Fagot found no significant gender differences were found for frequency of events, stress level and proportion of problem solving behavior. They did find that females reported significantly more stress than males for both types of events. Dissatisfaction with weight and problems with noise were more stressful for females than males. Both sexes used problem-solving skills with high stress problems. Both males and females found interpersonal-related issues such as roommates, peer pressure and romantic partners moderate to low ratings of stress and did not use…

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