Differences Between Maracaibo And Boston Essay

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Maracaibo and Boston are excellent places to enjoy the stay. However, there are surprising differences why these two cities are unique. These two cities are unique because the environment and the atmosphere of each city is nice. Maracaibo and Boston has a variety of similarities, like, both of them are overcrowded, but the differences between these two cities are obvious.
One of the differences between Maracaibo and Boston are the languages. In Maracaibo the spoken language is Spanish, so it is the primary language in all over the city. For example, on an international job like Honda, the main language is Spanish even if that person is American or have another nationality. Also, Spanish have different types of accents and dialects. For instance, someone from Venezuela, will talk Spanish with a different dialect and accent. Moreover, Spanish comes from a romance language so there are only seven languages that come from Latin. On the other hand, in Boston the main language is English. In Boston there are a varieties of nationalities and each town is known for that. For example, the “North End” that is an Italian town where there are a lot of restaurants, so the main language is English. Furthermore, English has different accents in each state of the United States of America and this make them to be a particular country. For instance, when someone from California visited Boston, the accent and the way they talked is easy to know that this person is not from Boston. Last but…

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