Essay on Differences Between Male And Female Genders

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It has been scientifically proven that both male and female genders are very much distinct in various traits. Many researchers have identified the differences in several specific skills. Even though both females and males have their beneficial in certain things. This essay will compare and contrast boys and girls in the way they think, their cognitive skills and their personality traits.
Many people say that females think very differently from males. Well, that turns out to be a true statement, because both genders have really different brains. “Male brains have more connections within hemispheres to optimize motor skills, whereas females brains are more connected between hemispheres to combine analytical and intuitive thinking” (Lewis par. 2). Also, their brains are composed of two different types of tissues the grey ones and the white ones. Studies have shown that women have more of the grey tissues in their brain, and boys have more white tissues in their brain. Even though, their brains might be the same, they do not use the same parts as the opposite gender. It might seem like it is not a big deal, but it is because their brains work differently, which means they think differently. This is why girls capture things faster than boys. Males tend to focus on one thing, while females can focus on a variety of things at the same time. Males think single females think multiple, however, girls are known good for multitasking, in the other hand, boys are a bit slower when it…

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