Differences Between Islam And Hinduism Essay example

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Religions derive out of similar situations and for similar purposes. They are meant to lead people down the correct path of life, but each religion does so in a different way. This sets each religion apart and makes them individually unique. Each religion has created different beliefs and different practices that all have similar properties and one small difference can attract people all over the world. The usage of scripture is very important throughout many religions and can reveal original and deeper meanings within the religion. Islam and Hinduism both partake in the usage of scripture and although there are many similarities, there are many differences. The Hindus scripture is the Vedas, a set of four books that are sacred to the Hinduism religion. According to Robert Leach at the University of Zürich, Hinduism and the concept of its scripture is much more intricate than any other religion. Hinduism does not have universal teachings or beliefs or one single sacred text that all of their followers practice (2014, p. 15-16). This meaning that the Vedas may be regarded as the main scripture, but because Hinduism is such an individualistic religion, one follower may regard a different text as their sacred scripture. This is not to lessen the importance, rather reveal a distinctive difference from other religions. With Islam, the scripture is the Qur’an. The Qur’an is an extremely respected artifact in the aspect that they treat the scripture as if it is a part of their…

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