Differences Between Hume And Hume Essay

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Brittany Kozlowski
Dr. Bachyrycz
Philosophy 120
In the middle of the 18th century there was a great philosopher named David Hume. Hume could be compared to some of the best philosophers to ever exist. Hume was a man that was committed to the truth. Hume believed in determinism which is the view that all events, including human actions, are necessitated, or caused, by conditions prior to the occurrence of the event. Hume said “It is universally allowed that matter in all its operations, is activated by a necessary force, and that every natural effect is so precisely determined by the energy of its cause, that no other effect in such particular circumstances, could possibly have resulted from it” (pg.88). Hume first wanted to prove that determinism was true with inanimate objects and then use that proof to display that determinism can also be true in human actions too. Hume found that inanimate objects had regularity or uniformity to their actions. Regularity is the reason why things are caused to happen. Hume saw that like objects in like circumstances act regularly or behave similarly. To Hume this proved that inanimate things are caused to occur. Once Hume figured out that the natural world was casual, he decided that it should also apply to human behavior. When observing human actions Hume saw that like people or people with similar characters/psychologies in like circumstances would regularly act similar. Hume knew that there were some antecedent conditions…

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