Differences Between Greek And Mongol Civilizations Essay

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Throughout history, people recognize only a few select civilizations as true “empires”. Without a doubt, both the Greek and Mongol civilizations are considered perfect examples of just such an empire. Although the two civilizations differed greatly in terms of their politics, military structure, economy, religion, and general social system, they were both able to conquer and control a vast area during the peak of their civilizations. To properly examine the two, it is necessary to compare them from the early stages of their civilization. The politics of the two civilizations varied greatly. Before conquering, the Greeks were known for their “polis”. These were city-states that each functioned independently, with each area governing itself in the way that it deemed fit . The Mongols, however, functioned in a completely different way. Although they were later in history, they were a nomadic people who formed clans, based on kinship. These clans were ruled by a chieftain, which was generally the head of the family . Military structure varied greatly between the two conquering forces. While Greeks revolutionized the battlefield with the invention of the catapult , the Mongols took an entirely different approach. Because the Mongols were a nomadic civilization, with a strong emphasis on hunting , they made for an ideal mobile military. Chinggis Khan, leader of the Mongols in the height of their conquest, would frequently appoint conquered military officials into positions of…

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