Bullying And Harassment

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1. Is bullying about power and control or somethings else?
I think that sometime bullying is not about power and control, it can be some behavior they learned and thought that it appropriate to do. This can be from watching the adult doing violence or bulling to other in front them. Also, even adult who said harsh work or perform an aggressive behavior, children learned from this and do the same thing to his following friend or classmate.
2. What is the different between bully and harassment?
I think bullying and harassment are similar in that they can hurt other person though cruel, offensive and insulting behaviors. However, bullying and harassment are different in that their way and behavior of hurt other. Harassment consists of perform
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The school and it staff should do a regulation and inventing bullying right away and explain to children about the negative of the behavior. The school should do a following up with the victim and the bullies, following up to their parents, but does not mean that the school and parents place the bullies with some punishment. I think children will change their behavior only when they are being explain about their behavior and make the two forgive and understand each other situation, rather like many school put the bullies to detention for days and there no conversation or explanation to why the students do what her or she does. I think that school can stop it teach student about bullying because students spend more time in school than home and it the only place that they met others students. Also, school can create program or class that teach students about bullying and school should not put up a excuse that it will take away time for students to learned the important subject, because I think this is an important …show more content…
I think if school treated students as if is their children and they being the parent there will be no excuse of not get involved, or one student is important than the other putting pushiment on students and sent them home. I believe that if school can prevent directly to bullying on school ground, there will be less bullying behavior perform outside of the school, but this does not mean that school are not will not help, school should consider helping student because the bullying started in school. I think that we should view bullying as a behavior problem that require an adult to explain, teach and showing children how to do things differently and how to seeking help with frustration other than bullying other and should not view as a crime that need to pushment to reflected of it wrong doing when they are not aware about it

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