Difference Between Women And Women Essay

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In the world we live in, everything is different. Difference in relationships, difference in the way people dress, and even a difference in the way people talk. A difference I see that seems to stand out in the world is the difference in females. There are two different types of females in the world: there are ladies and there are women. Some may not see the difference in a lady compared to a woman, but there is a huge difference between a lady and women. Some differences include: the way they carry themselves, the way they act, and what they have to bring to the table.
In the generation we live in today, it is very hard to find women that are true to their selves. Now and days, being basically naked is the new trend. You barely see females fully clothed, and you’re lucky if you even find them half way there. Which brings me to my first point, there is a difference in the way a lady would carry herself and the way a women would carry herself. A lady wouldn’t really care, what parts of her body she would expose, as long as she looks good. That being compared to a women who has a set book of moral. A woman wouldn’t dare to expose her body, flaunting like its cute knowing that it isn’t right. A real woman uses her appearance to describe herself without a word being said. Not saying that everybody that exposes their selves are classified as a lady, but they aren’t as high leveled as a real women. Some may say that the way they dress is a way to express their selves, but there is…

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