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ANTH*2160: Essay
The want to travel and learn a new culture, languages and to explore new locations that are different from home is on the rise. (burns) There is always a factor of wanting to learn and expolre the difference between societies, anthologists thrive in these situations where they can use qualitative methods, such as participant observation and interview to learn how a society function and interacts with one another. () Tourism and anthropology have been becoming more dependently on each other as time has gone on. With tourism there has been positive economical factors given to communities, tourist becomes aware of the ethical, environmental and political factors when they travel to a new destination. This is how tourism interlocks
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() As tourism increases into a global brand it provides a economic support for many countries, it generates billions of dollars and provides jobs for people everywhere in the world (). Resorts are seen everywhere from the beaches to the mountains and large cities, it allows the developments for emerging countries which in return can be a tool to increase the standard of life in a country. There are many impacts that are due to tourism, for example, economics, social, cultural and environmental impacts. The economics impacts help the country and investors to gain money and create new jobs for the people. This helps the regional development of a location, but the negative of tourism that it is the income is seasonal and it leads to the land to become more expensive, which leads to people originally from the community unable to buy land, due to there low incomes and less land can lead to less school to being built causing low education, there is a domino effect. () The social and cultural impacts are that people start to become homogenized, tourism does bring new and different people together, with different cultural and ways of living, but due to tourism a sense of identity is lost and big global cooperate companies like McDonalds are introduced and starts to change the cultural. () Lastly, there are environmental impacts, where there is a large amount of pollution generated, …show more content…
A tourist usually stays for a short time, which leads them not really understands the cultural of the location, but to catch a glimpse, while anthologists stay with a community for a long time from months to years. The basic similarly is that both about tourism and anthropology is about the people where both observe and participants in a community (). They both have different and similar impacts, tourist has a more economical impact, where there are new jobs introduced which rises the standard of living and gives a community to a new industry to help support them and also an environmental impact, due to tourist thinking it is not their places of resident they fell no consequence of ruining environment, because they themselves don’t have to see the environmental changes. The similarity is that of social and cultural impacts, where the introduction of a language and cultural such as tourist and anthropologist may introduce to the community, has a rippling affect. Due, to introducing something new as technology and big brand corporations such as McDonald and Wal-Mart, allows a community to lose their identity. Tourist have many reasons to want to travel somewhere food, shopping, cultural, sports and

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