Engaged Anthropology: Diversity And Dilemmas

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Ethnology is the study of culture of nations. Ethnology will also study the culture of a nation can only be studied, but also the culture of many peoples, comparing the cultures of more social features can also be generalized across the entire humanity. Ethnology is a study of culture that can be called the wisdom of the life in nations. Even if ethnography is targeting at ethnic study, anthropologist have to comparative study and identify the characteristics of different culture. Also, ethnology has to study with historical research as well as comparative study. To identify of different culture in a way characteristic of a comparative study is corporate. However, to clarify the essence of culture is necessary to understand about the bound …show more content…
Cultural anthropology is a clue to realistic problems from the rapidly changes of current society and it contribute to human existence in future. In this essay, “On Ethnographic Sincerity” and “Engaged Anthropology: Diversity and Dilemmas” represent intersubjective condition in ethnographic and reveal anthropological perspectives with nations or peoples in society.
In the article, “On Ethnographic Sincerity” represents that realism and sparkle of interaction to debating through ethnographic. The political debating is different with conventional anthropological concerns and it expects to the ethnographic inter-subjectivity that condition of exchange their own experience and ideas with people in society. According to the Anthropology 9 lecture, “Understanding ethnography is focused on routine of daily life and participant observation is that the patterns of an everyday life in society” (Throop, Lecture, 10/08/15). Anthropologist Carolyn Rouse said that ethnographic makes her laugh and humor even if search for a deep truth and complicate. Also, she said that
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Also, I have curiosity that exact example about the inner commitment and shaped commitment in the cultural anthropology.
In conclusion, anthropological perspectives and ethnography has many faces in social and humanity. In this essay represents the anthropological importance on sincerity and stance of social issues in socio-cultural anthropology. Anthropology perspective is valuable focus on study and gives a hope to human because it forged relationship in society. More hopeful is more concern about the social theoretically.
It shows that solves the dilemma from the social obstacle in current anthropology. When anthropologist have a fieldwork, everyday move is vital to write an ethnography and sincerity is also essential to research work. Anthropologist are build to the make better world from the pressure to many problems.

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