Positive Impact Of Tourism On Cities

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Does tourists have an impact on cities?

Tourism, people who go to other countries to explore their infrastructure, culture, food and more. France comes number one in halving the most tourists with more than 83.5 million visiting there every year. However, tourism leaves a big impact on cities. Therefore, there are 2 perspectives towards how tourism impacts the city. Tourism is a great impact to the world’s economy so communities should understand that this is beneficial.

A documentary from Al Jazeera called “How to be a Chinese tourist” gives a perspective from the people of Paris on how they feel about Chinese tourists. It was a negative approach when they were interviewed in the documentary. In Paris communities where there are restaurant
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This perspective supports tourism greatly. As both sources do not even mention about how tourism affects communities socially. Both sources explain how tourism is healthy for the world’s economy. The PDF in msu.edu gives explanation quantitatively to explain the positive characteristics of the economy from tourism. In the PDF it gives scenarios on tourism spending and how much profit would be made. For example, If a community has 100 tourists spending at least $100 a day and if this was sustained over 100 days this would multiply to a million dollars. So if a country has many communities like this, the economy will go quite well. This will also multiply as inflation will surely be added. Moreover, tourism can lead to more good and services both locally and internationally. Also, many multinational hotels are benefited as they can build more of their hotels. The other source in Office for national statistics gives explanation and analysis on how tourism can increase employment opportunities. In this it talks about how tourism has increased employment opportunities in the UK. In late 2014 at least 3 million people were offered a job by the tourism industry. 1.3 million people of it are doing full-time jobs. The rate for employment grew drastically from 2009 to 2014. 26% of the workers in the tourism industry are aged between 16 to 24 years old. This clearly presents how tourism can positively impact the public economically as they indirectly produce more job employment. Overall this second perspective is all positive towards tourism without considering tourism ethical and social behaviour. As at the end of the day to a greater extent, tourism is beneficial to the world’s economy and

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