Essay on Difference Between Sex And Gender

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The Individual differences; what is the difference between sex and gender? How the latter develop?
In current society it is important to be open and tolerate to be able to understand that in the present life does not appear just sex as man and woman anymore, something new come across called gender. Topic sex and gender is often used, but is it everyone knows the difference? Is it known how to recognise the characteristics features? Today’s society knowns most but still not everything of the term sex, but gender is still discovering by human being. How gender develop? Is it the same way as sex? Weather people have been born with that or can acquire it from the age of puberty? Is it biological or behavioural? The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the difference between sex and gender by analysing those two terms and as well to explain through theories how the gender is developing.
Main Body:
Sex is biological term refers to the differences between two human being categorises man and woman. (Siann, 1994) Showed through differ of chromosomes, gonadal, internal and external organs, and as well different stages of development through the life. The human sex is dependent on chromosomes which they line up in meiosis; XY for men and XX for women. Sex is not the only think which will decide whom the person will be in feature.
Gender is a sociocultural and behavioural term, depending on many factors. Is it a part of person’s personal and social identity.…

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