Difference Between Qualitative And Qualitative Research Essay

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Throughout the second half of the semester Professor Gerschick has gone into great detail about the similarities and differences that are found in both inductive and deductive research methods. Although both qualitative and quantitative research methods prove to be effective approaches in conducting social research, each of these methods also have faults that can steer research towards one method over another. Research sequence, sample types, method and role of theory are just some of the components that fall into distinguishing the methods (Gerschick). To being, it is important to recognize the particular approach that each method follows, qualitative research is inductive thus the process is one that follows a top down approach, meaning that data is produced then theory is created and build on the data found (Gerschick). Although qualitative research is broadly inductivist, constructionist, and interpretivist but not all three of the features are always used (Bryman, 380). The main steps that follow qualitative research are inductive so the process is one that follows a top down approach. The first step to research is generating general research questions to foster the study. Next is selecting the proper location(s) and subjects, then collecting the proper data (Bryman, 386). After the data is collected it must be analyzed, from then forward the conceptual/theoretical work is done where the researcher sees if anything new emerged from the study (Bryman, 384). If nothing…

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