6-12 Public Management

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This response paper is over Chapters 6-12, of Research Methods in Public Administration and Public Management: an introduction, by Sandra Van Thiel (2014). The following is a comprehensive review of the chapters with added information. Dependent on the type of questions a researcher has and the strategy that will be used. The study can use many methods to gather the information that is needed to answer the questions the researcher has. One method is utilizing experiments as defined by Merriam Webster (2016) it is “a scientific test in which you perform a series of actions and carefully observe their effects in order to learn about something”. A researcher in emergency and disaster management (EM), could run many types of experiments to try to mitigate the results of a disaster. One type of experiment is the classic experiment, the classic experiment also referred to as a pure experiment, takes place in some type of …show more content…
Two types of data analysis discussed in the chapters reviewed for this report where quantitative and qualitative data. As stated “quantitative data are always numerical in kind” (Thiel, 2014, p. 118). As an example a numerical value can be assigned to answers to questions during a survey these answers can then be sorted numerically to show the most popular answer. Qualitative data on the other hand are “non-numerical units of information” (Thiel, 2014, p. 138), these consists of data such as periodicals, photos or even interviews. Both quantitative and qualitative are similar in the fact they use the same basic structure of data collection, ordering and analysis. They differ in the sense that quantitative data can be easily arranged in a hierarchical structure, contrary to qualitative data that does not have an easily seen structure. Neither one of these types of data analysis is better than the other, it is the preference of the researcher and/or the type of study being

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