Difference Between Psychiatry And Psychotherapy Essay

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What is the difference between psychiatry and psychotherapy? This question seems like the first line to a joke, but it relates an important distinction people should understand. Psychology and psychiatry are two coinciding pieces to the whole of mental health. Both professions specialize in the mysteries surrounding the human mind, and how the mind influences behavior and overall well-being. Each of these career fields has committed individuals who assist others in maintaining balanced mental health. However, though these professions overlap, they are still diverse in various aspects of their specific natures. Overall, a psychiatrist is a physician whose expertise lies in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and emotional turbulence. Psychiatrists are professionals with extensive training in human anatomy and physiology. Because of their medical education, they are able to understand, and therefore treat, physical ailments that stem from mental issues. They understand the human body and can distinguish whether or not a mental disorder is causing physical distress; for example, anxiety leading to high blood pressure (American Psychiatric Association, 2014). Psychiatrists are essential to the world of mental health because they can treat physical and mental illness, emotional disturbance and abnormal behavior. In order to become essential pieces to the entirety of mental health, psychiatrists must first undergo specific training and extensive education.…

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