Difference Between Project Management And I. T Project

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Register to read the introduction… Once all the above is complete a project management plan (PMP) is created.

The project manager has to provide the project team with a road map on how to get the project done. The PMP sets out how the project is to be managed, executed, monitored, controlled, and closed through the phases of its life cycle.

In the PMP, the project manager sets out the management approach for the project based on the decisions made with respect to the project delivery strategy, organization and management structure, assignment of responsibilities between the Agency and contractors, and delegation of management and financial authority through the project team. The project’s scope, budget, and schedule are refined to establish baselines for the project’s scope of work, costs, and schedule that are documented in the PMP.

If necessary support plans are added to a project depending on the size and complexity of a project. Support plans such as Quality management, Risk management, or contract management plan may be added at the project initiation phase.

 Planning, Environmental Clearance, Real Estate

Typical activities for the PM in this phase is
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The clear distinction that makes a significant difference is the Project life cycles, each life cycle has its own number of steps and processes that define the life cycle, this constitutes the major differences between the two of the projects, In terms of similarities, on a fundamental level the typical project management activities at functional level are very similar, tasks such as managing risks and quality management, scope and change control, etc.

These management activities exist in both project types but only the project life cycles and project type place additional complexities to these management activities, for example managing risk on a construction site will be very different compared to the management of risk on an IT project, however similar the fundamental management activities are between the management of these project types, the project lifecycle and their respective industries make the clear distinction between both project

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