Difference Between Lady And Women

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In the world we live in, everything is different. Difference in relationships, difference in the way people dress, and even a difference in the way people talk. A difference I see that seems to stand out in the world is the difference in females. There are two different types of females in the world: there are ladies and there are women. Some may not see the difference in a lady compared to a woman, but there is a huge difference between a lady and women. Some differences include: the way they carry themselves, the way they act, and what they have to bring to the table.
In the generation we live in today, it is very hard to find women that are true to their selves. Now and days, being basically naked is the new trend. You barely see females
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Not only act in front of people, but the way they act in general. A lady tends to act like she can act like whatever she wants because it is being herself. But a women knows that there are certain things that a female can and can’t. For example, say if there were two different females both in a serious relationship. Female one acts like a lady, and female two acts like a real woman. Female one always gets tends to get into arguments with her spouse, but only because she likes to get things going her way. Female two has a great relationship going with her spouse, but that is only because she knows that everything is not revolved around herself. Yes they may have problems, but that is only normal in a normal relationship. Being that female one does what she does because that is “the way she acts”, doesn’t mean it is the right way to go. Female two knows that usually knows that it is not only her in the relationship, and that her attitude can effect what goes on. Not saying that a woman allows the man do what he wants and does have a moments, but a real woman has her morals and standards. She wouldn’t let just anything fly and anything happen, oppose to a lady. So don’t doubt what you think is right or wrong. Keeping what you believes shows if you either a lady or a …show more content…
Everyone has been told that everyone you meet may not be who they say they are. Just because someone dresses as if they have all the money in the world, doesn’t mean that they are successful. It could be that they just decide to dress up for the day or for an occasion. Of course, when you are trying to get somewhere, you should always dress the part. But it is not only what they wear that matter, but most importantly what they bring to the table. A lady sometimes would say she can do so much different things, but wouldn’t have anything to show for it. A women always comes prepared and on top of her game. If a woman was to go to an interview, not only would she have a resume in hand, but she would already come with a knowledge of what the job that she applied to about. A woman may not be the perfect one for the position applied for, but she would be close and possibly given another position or similar just because of what she brought to the table. Never doubt a female until you know what she is really about and what she has to bring to the table.
In conclusion, a lady and a woman are two completely different types of females. Of course, the difference between the two is in the eye of the beholder. But in my opinion, a woman knows her self-worth and has a set line of morals opposed to a lady. Not everybody are who they say they are, but the look can play a big part. A few ways I can tell a woman and a lady apart are: the way they carry themselves,

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