Essay on Difference Between Healthy Nudity And Sexualisation

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The Problem

There is a key difference between healthy sexuality and sexualisation. Sexualisation occurs when you hold someone to a standard where physical attractiveness and being “sexy” are equal, when a person’s value is defined by his or her appeal, and excludes other characteristics (McCall, C. 2012). The most important differences are when a person is sexually objectified, rather than seen as a person or sexuality is inappropriately imposed upon someone. While people of any age can be sexualized, it is most common and most detrimental for women to be portrayed as a solely sexual being in media (Olsen, J. 2014).

The Cause The cause of sexualsation is still widely debated, and seems to vary per person. Resulting in a number of potential causes. The cause that is most agreed on is that sex in advertising captures people 's attention and men respond positively to it (Dahl, D, n.d. p.215-231). It’s all about the bottom line, and oversexulisation sells. “The fashion and toy industries are targeting girls for new markets in the same way the tobacco and alcohol industries target adolescents (Canadian Women 's Health Network. 2013).” The Réseau québécois d’action pour la santé des femmes, blames pornography for the increase in sexualised images in media. They say that soft porn images now abundant and seem normal in pop culture (Canadian Women 's Health Network. 2012). We have become desesitized to ever growing sexulisation of women and the problems it causes.


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