Creationism: The Difference Between Creation And Evolution

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Creation and evolution are two very different beliefs with very different ideas and many different aspects. Creationists believe in God and that he is the one who created man and keep things running smoothly. There are many different types of creationists. In the theory of evolution created by Charles Darwin one organism evolved into the world that exists today. The organism doesn’t have a beginning and it doesn’t seem to have and end either. The idea of transformation in both of these concepts is very different. The major difference between transformation in creation and transformation in evolution is that the evolutionist’s transformation is physical while the creationist’s transformation is spiritual.
Creationism is the belief that all
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Evolution more so deals with how everything has come to be over time once the first life form came to be. It explains how things have evolved and what they have evolved into from way back when and now. Evolution takes place when a DNA mutation occurs in the duplication of another organism and creates an evolved organism. Evolution states that everything has a common ancestor. Evolution does have an aspect in that evolution is guided throughout each generation and it wasn’t until Scientist Darwin and Wallace that this idea became known as natural selection. According to Think Psychology page fifty-six, “Natural selection is a theory that states that organisms best adapted to their environment tend to survive and transmit their genetic characteristics to succeeding generations.” Natural selection is a big deal when it comes to evolution. The Think Psychology states that things are naturally selected to survive. It is not a matter of choice, but organisms are naturally being chosen to live on. There too are different types of evolution. There is theistic evolution where people believe that God uses evolution to create. In this idea God does intervene, but when and how varies throughout many different people. Methodological Materialistic Evolutionists believe that God doesn’t intervene with evolution, but he did create it. With that being said all methodological materialistic evolutionists are not atheist. Philosophical Materialistic Evolutionists don’t believe in the supernatural. They believe that everything is a natural process like evolution. Many organisms have taken millions even billion of years to evolve. That idea makes sense believing that all organisms have a common descent. Descent with modification created the idea the humans evolved from apes. It takes time for things to evolve, especially with the complexity of most organisms. Evolution occurs because organisms must change to survive. These changes occur

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