Essay on Difference Between Delinquency And A Status Offense

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1. Explain the term “parents patriae”, and give an example as to when this would be used.
“Parens patriae” is a Latin word which means a parent for a country. In this legal set of guidelines, the state can act as a guardian for individuals who are unable to care for themselves, such as children. In this policy, a Juvenile Court Judge has to determine when a child is delinquent, abandoned or needs parental care. Also “Parens patriae” occurs if the natural parents are incompetent. In this case the juvenile justice system designs a program that will fit into the kid’s lifestyle as should have been done by his or her natural parents.

2. What is the difference between delinquency and a status offense and give one example of each.
Delinquency is a criminal behavior, which is considered outlawed by the Juvenile Justice Law of a state. Examples of these offenses are theft, burglary and assault. Delinquency is considered as a criminal offense when committed by an adult.
A status offense is an offense which is not considered a crime when committed by an adult. On the other hand, it’s considered to be an act of delinquency when committed by a juvenile. Some of these offenses are running away from home, smoking tobacco, and underage drinking. In some states, status offenders are categorized into four groups the Chins, Pins, Jins and Mins.

3. Describe the juvenile court process.
The Juvenile court process consists of three procedures which are intake, prosecution, and adjudication.…

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