Difference Between Cultural Competence And Cultural Humility Essay

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• What is the difference between the terms cultural competence and cultural humility? There seems to be some differences between cultural competence and cultural humility. According to Purnell (2013), “cultural competence in health care is having the knowledge, abilities, and skills to deliver care that is congruent with patients cultural beliefs and practice” (p.7). In my opinion this means as a nurse you are willing to acknowledge each patients cultural differences and accommodate their care needs to the unique beliefs and practices. According to Foster (2009), cultural competence is an ever changing and broad component of a family dynamics; therefore it is difficult to declare that someone is competent in this area (p.100). Cultural humility on the other hand seems to be centered more towards building a mutual relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient (Purnell, 2013,p.9). I have witnessed this type of balance transpire between a physician and their patient for example a patient doesn’t believe in receiving blood, but will compromise by having LR infused instead, and will take medication to increase RBC production. Cultural humility is also defined as a lifelong process of incorporating patient centered communication, self-reflections, self-critique, and creating a balance between the patient and their healthcare needs (Foster, 2008, p.100).
• How would you recommend a nurse increase his/her cultural competency? According to Maddalena (2009),…

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